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Down to earth Canberra electricians, sparking joy with quality service and genuine care.

Majura Electrical & Solar's company directors, Justin & Lee, are proud Canberrans raised in Gungahlin, with deep roots in the local community.

With this brings a unique perspective rarely seen in larger companies.  

Starting as a small partnership based out of our garages, our operations have expanded to having 11 employees, 5 vehicles and a having our own warehouse based in Mitchell.

Whilst maintaining our original ethos of "Save the Trees, Happy Employees".  We have grown in a sustainable way to ensure we still deliver our projects, large or small, on time and on budget.


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Our team

Meet the team.

With a shared passion for excellence and customer satisfaction, our team works collaboratively to ensure that your electrical, solar and battery storage projects are executed flawlessly.

Working Director

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Lead Electrician

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Lead Electrician

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